Love Like Tuesday

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Join Faction of Fools Theatre Company's world premiere production of Love Like Tuesday written by playwright Doug Robinson in collaboration with the devising ensemble of Faction of Fools. Told through the lens of Faction's signature style of Commedia dell'Arte, a style of theatre originating in Renaissance Italy that utilizes masks and high energy physicality, Love Like Tuesday hearkens to the nostalgia and structure of classic Rom Com films…but with a twist.

Doreen Dawkins triumphs as the best lunch lady to ever grace the kitchens of Pangolin High, despite being equipped with an oven that won't go above 175 degrees. Between that and caring for her ailing mother, Doreen has a full plate with no extra room for dessert…and certainly no space for love. In a society where hearts-falling-out-of-your-eyes is reserved for "young love", can a middle aged lunch lady still experience love like fireworks?

Production Information

Show Type
Physical Theatre
Approximate Running Time
130 minutes


Doreen Dawkins
Jerri Fredricks/Annette Dawkins/Ensemble
Principal Foggybottom/Janitor Silver/Ensemble
Cameron Noodle/Ensemble
Nancy Kerrigan/Juniper/Maya/Ensemble

Creative Team

Costume Designer
Sound Designer
Lighting Designer
Movement Consultant
Production Manager
Stage Manager
Props Designer/Master