James and the Giant Peach

Performance Dates

Young, orphaned James Trotter is sent to live with his two wicked aunts on a hillside by the seat. Life with Aunts Sponge and Spiker - who make James wait on them hand and foot - is lonely and sad... it's the pits. James' luck begins to change when he is gifted a mysterious bag of crocodile tongues believed to bring marvelous and magical things. And do they ever! One giant peach, five oversized (and talking!) bugs, and many seagulls later, James and his new friends are off on an exciting adventure across the Atlantic. High over the ocean, destination unknown, this unlikely crew sails to new and fantastical heights, proving that courage and ingenuity can overcome all odds. (Best for ages 4-10.)

Production Information

Approximate Running Time
72 minutes


Tour Guide, Mayor
Aunt Spiker, Captain of the Queen Mary
Centipede, Litterbug
Miss Spider, Old Man

Creative Team

Costume Designer
Musical Director
Sound Designer
Lighting Designer
Adapted By
Matthew McGee, Puppet Designer
David Stern & Stephen Guidry, Video