Inherit The Wind

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Inherit the Wind

This intense and gripping drama brings to life the story of the Scopes “Monkey” trial.  Henry Drummond, a noted lawyer and Matthew Harrison Brady, populist and evangelist, descend on a small southern town to argue the case of creationism versus evolution.  The struggle of knowledge versus ignorance is an all too familiar theme today in life as well as art.   This powerful and timely play reveals how scientific fact needs to be defended and honored, or it will perish and become mere fiction.

Production Information

Approximate Running Time
135 minutes


Matthew Harrison Brady
Henry Drummond
E. K. Hornbeck
The Judge
Mrs. Brady
Tom Davenport
Reverend Brown
Mayor Bannister/Radio man
Mrs. Krebs
Elijah Sillers/Reporter
Jessie Dunlap

Creative Team

Costume Designer
Lighting Designer