How to Write a New Book for the Bible

MaryBeth Wise & Ray Ficca Danisha Crosby
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What's your family story? Writers are told to write what they know. But as Bill Cain (Equivocation) discovers in writing about his own family, sometimes those we are closest to are the biggest mysteries of all. In a powerful, beautiful new play taken from Cain’s own experiences, a man moves in with his strong-willed mother when she becomes too frail to care for herself. Their reunion heals old wounds, opening a heartfelt and humorous new chapter in their relationship. This engaging family portrait gives a fascinating look at why the details of our lives and loves matter. East Coast Premiere. “Powerful and moving…a funny, poignant tribute to the quirks and affectionate moments that make each family unique.” ‑ Washingtonian

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120 minutes

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