The Hero of Everything

Performance Dates

Who needs a sidekick or a team when you can do everything yourself, and do it just the way it should be? Captain Everything, everyone’s favorite superhero, loves saving the day and doesn’t need anyone’s help to do it. She has an Alliance of superheroes, but no one minds if she just handles everything herself. Or do they? What happens when everyone else gets tired of being left out and quits? And what happens when Captain Everything faces something she can’t do? This action-packed play is performed by four actors with the entire audience, who gets into the act right from where they’re sitting, becoming part of a new alliance of superheroes who need to work together to save the day.

Production Information

Approximate Running Time
55 minutes

Creative Team

Set Designer
Costume Designer
Sound Designer
Lighting Designer
Projections/Media Designer
Technical Director, Peter Oliver-Krueger
Dramaturg, Emily Townsend