Fetch Clay, Make Man

Roscoe Orman as Stepin Fetchit & Eddie Ray Jackson as Muhammad Ali Kevin Berne
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In the days before his epic rematch with Sonny Liston, heavyweight champ Muhammad Ali forms an unlikely friendship with controversial Hollywood actor Stepin Fetchit. This true story explores the improbable bond that forms between these drastically different, influential cultural icons - one a vibrant, audacious youth who boldly embraced controversy, the other a resentful relic vilified for playing degrading stereotypes - as they fight to shape their images and legacies amidst the Civil Rights Movement. Derrick Sanders (The Raisin Cycle at CenterStage) directs Will Power’s absorbing, poetic, and humorous exploration of the true meaning of strength, resilience, and pride. “Packs a punch” – Washington Post

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120 minutes



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