The Faith Play Project

Performance Dates

A Matter of Faith, by La’Chris Jordan:
Faith Morgan is a Jehovah’s Witness who has just been diagnosed with leukemia and only a blood transfusion can save her. Faith knows if she takes the transfusion, she will be ex-communicated. Faith’s husband, Sam, is determined to keep her alive despite all objections. But will time run out for Faith as those around her debate the issue of whether she should live or die in the name of GOD?

A Field of Thorns, by John Becker:
The Harts are a White working-class family struggling with a recent loss, a maladapted younger son who longs for brotherly kinship and an iconoclast of a daughter whose dinner time behavior incites family discord. Add to that a mysterious Black man who wanders into their home during an evening storm claiming to be the son of GOD and you have a divine recipe for absurdity, drama, pithy humor, but most of all healing.

Production Information

Show Type
Approximate Running Time
90 minutes

Creative Team

Saxophone Soloist
Organ/Piano Soloist
Recording Studio Technician
Production Artwork Design
eMarketing Manager
Virtual Streaming Consultant
Social Media Consultant
Adapted From
A Matter of Faith, by La’Chris Jordan and A Field of Thorns, by John Becker
Stage Manager