Einstein's Wife

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Einstein’s theory of relativity rocked the scientific world and his name has become a synonym for genius. Lesser known, though, is the story of Mileva Marić, the gifted mathematician from a small town in Austro-Hungary and the only female student in Einstein’s class at the Swiss Polytechnic School in Zurich who later became his first wife. As recent personal correspondence suggests, this extraordinary female scientist contributed to Einstein’s groundbreaking theory, yet remained virtually unknown until personal letters hidden for decades were released in recent years.

In our gripping production, Einstein's Wife presents an intriguing story of the couple’s tumultuous relationship and Marić’s struggles as a female scientist. What started as a scientific team eventually was derailed by motherhood and a world not prepared for women’s professional achievements. The playwright delves into their personal and professional relationships and tells the tale of a gifted woman living in the shadow of a brilliant man.

In this production, Sasha Olinick plays Albert while Cecelia Auerswald plays Mileva.

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85 minutes



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Milena Garfield
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