Dua: The Monster's Story

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Kicking off Theatre Prometheus' 10th season, Dua: The Monster's Story is a moving retelling of the Medusa myth that centers the titular “monster” as the hero of her own story. Written and directed by DMV playwright Robin Berl, Dua was developed over the last year with Theatre Prometheus, including workshops and a reading at the Kennedy Center’s Local Theatre Festival. Dua: The Monster's Story makes its world premiere at the MC Cultural Arts Center on May 10 and runs until June 1.

Please be advised, this script contains material of a highly sensitive nature including discussion but not depiction of rape/sexual assault, imagery depicting a male forcibly entering a woman’s home enacting violence against her, pregnancy and childbirth, sexism/misogyny, animal death, and human death.

Production Information

Show Type
World Premiere or New Work
Approximate Running Time
90 minutes


Euryale and Exhale
Athena and Inhale
The Hero and Men
Swing (all roles)

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