Double Indemnity

Marty Lodge as Walter Huff in Double Indemnity Danisha Crosby
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Mystery, lust, intrigue, and murder! Disillusioned insurance agent Walter Huff finds temptation too hard to resist when he meets femme fatale Phyllis Nirlinger, wife of a wealthy client. After realizing that she wants to get rid of her husband, Huff decides to help her plan the “perfect crime.” Accident insurance pays double indemnity on railroad mishaps, so they plot to get Nirlinger on - and off - a train without arousing the suspicions of the police, the insurance company, Nirlinger's dishy daughter, her mysterious boyfriend, or Nirlinger himself. Adapted by Billy Wilder in his snappy film noir, this crime tale comes to the stage in a delicious new take on the celebrated suspense novel. An East Coast Premiere.

Production Information

Approximate Running Time
120 minutes


Nino/Jackson/Norton/Huff Understudy
Nino/Jackson/Norton Understudy

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