Crown of Shadows: the wake of odysseus

Michael Morrow Hammack as Telemachus and Deborah Hazlett as Penelope in Crown of Shadows. Danisha Crosby
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This gripping, modern take on The Odyssey uses contemporary language and leanings to paint a chilling portrait of the family the warrior leaves behind. Penelope and her teenage son Telemachus struggle to maintain control on Ithaca while waiting for Odysseus to return. During her husband’s long absence, Penelope must navigate the waters of potential suitors set on taking over, while Telemachus struggles to deal with both these political pursuers and his father's long-reaching legacy. With pressure for a successor mounting, they battle two outsiders for control over the island, with a shocking ending that can’t be found in Homer’s saga. A world premiere from a major new voice in American theatre. (Recommended for age 17 & up, contains brief nudity and adult situations)

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120 minutes



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