The Caucasian Chalk Circle

Performance Dates

Resist the political tyrant and protect an innocent life. 

Caught in a social revolution, a young servant girl named Grusha promises her heart to a soldier on his way into battle. Soon the city is aflame and Grusha risks everything and becomes a refugee to save an abandoned baby. She must tiptoe across a precarious rope bridge strung across a gaping chasm in order to escape the enemy. In this corrupt and violent world, Grusha relies on compassion and perseverance to begin her own family. Brecht's epic adventure tale features vivid characters, high stakes scenarios and live music.

Production Information

Approximate Running Time
150 minutes


Lavrenti and Others
Governor's Wife and Others
Cook and Others
Sergeant and Others
Governor and Others
Jussup and Others
Ludovica and Others
Shauva and Others
Mother and Others
Doctor and Others
Adjutant and Others

Creative Team

Set Designer
Costume Designer
Choreographer for plays
Lighting Designer
Translation by
Props Designer/Master
Matthew Aldwin McGee - Puppets