The Ballad of the Red Knight

The Ballad of the Red Knight Jan 24 - Feb 8, 2014 Rebecca Rice
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In this hilarious comedy adventure, a prince known as the Red Knight must save the Kingdom of Medieval Story Land from the clutches of the malevolent Lord Fango of the Bat People.  The Red Knight is known for his silver tongue and skill in negotiating but his world is ripped from him when his Father, the great King Marthur, is murdered by the evil Bat Lord.  The Red Knight's brother, Prince Richard, is thrown into the terrible Fruit Bat Dungeon, a place far more sinister than it's name, and the Red Knight is forced to marry Lord Fango's peculiar daughter, Fanglett.  Will negotiating be enough for the Red Knight to deal with his bizarre but adorable new wife, overthrow Lord Fango, and free Prince Richard before Richard is smothered in grape jelly and fed to a horde of ravenous fruit bats?

Production Information

Approximate Running Time
120 minutes


Prince Richard
Gloom Mage
Blue Knight
Green Knight
Bat Guard, Mercenary Boss
King Marthur, Fire Servant, Priest, Bat Guard #3

Creative Team

Sound Designer
Lighting Designer
Fight Choreographer
Costumer - JoAnn Abbott