Jessica Love, Dylan Moore and Laura C. Harris. Scott Suchman
Performance Dates
Ten years out of high school, three unhappy friends show up to their classmate’s luxe Manhattan hotel room the night before her wedding. Bitter that their “fat friend” beat them to the altar, the young women, led by alpha female Regan (the maid of honor and the only one actually invited to the wedding), compare notes on graphic sex, inadequate men, disappointing careers, and the frightening future. The night quickly escalates, fueled by a bathtub full of champagne, an assortment of drugs, and the two eager men Reagan has picked up for the occasion. When the bride finally shows up to her own bachelorette party, the truths they’re hiding come crashing out. Living in a space between childhood and adulthood, these women straddle the line between reckless fun and terrifying addiction.

Production Information

Approximate Running Time
90 minutes

Creative Team

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