An American Daughter

Susan Marie Rhea as Dr. Lyssa Dent Hughes Mike Kozemcheck
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Dr. Lyssa Dent Hughes, a health care expert and 40ish daughter of a long-time Senator. When the President nominates Lyssa to a Cabinet post, an indiscretion from her past is discovered. The media turns it into a scandal which imperils her confirmation and divides her family and friends. Lyssa is forced to make a decision: continue to pursue the post and face an ugly Senate hearing; or decline the nomination, becoming a sacrificial lamb for the President. Partisan politics in our nation's capital, however, are nothing compared to the personal politics in Lyssa's living room, where complicated relationships unravel with her father, husband and her best girlfriend—not to mention the awkward encounters she has with an exuberant neo-feminist author and a relentless TV journalist.


Production Information

Approximate Running Time
130 minutes


Dr. Lyssa Dent Hughes
Walter Hughes
Dr. Judith B. Kaufman
Quincy Quince
Morrow McCarthy
Timber Tucker
Senator Alan Hughes
Charlotte Hughes
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