The Adventures of Peter Pan

Performance Dates

Take flight to Neverland with Peter Pan, his Lost Boys and the Darling children! In this magical place filled with fairies, pirates, and mermaids, Peter Pan and crew will battle the delightfully sinister Captain Hook with acrobatics that will leave you on the edge of your seat! This production is recommended for ages 7+ for moments younger viewers may find frightening.

Production Information

Approximate Running Time
100 minutes


Peter Pan
Captain Hook
Wendy Darling
John Darling
Michael Darling
Cookson (pirate)
Gentleman Starkey (pirate)
Peter Pan's Shadow
Nibs (lost kid)
Slightly (lost kid)
Bill Jukes (pirate)
Tootles (lost kid)

Creative Team

Set Designer
Costume Designer
Musical Director
Sound Designer
Book Writer
Lighting Designer
Adapted From
"Peter Pan" by J.M. Barrie