Creating conversation, dialogue, and shared understanding between theatre-makers and theatre institutions and centering people.

2021 Theatre Summit: Re-Imagining Resources
August 3-4, 10am-7pm
An opportunity for theatre makers in the Washington area to hold virtual space together over a two-day period.



The 2021 Summit will offer two keynote speakers, panels and sessions, affinity spaces, resting spaces, and one-on-one mentoring. It was planned with the input from over 200 survey respondents and the Summit Committee (a list of committee members is below.)

For each registered attendee at the 2021 Summit, $1 will be donated to THEARC Theater’s iCan Technical Theater Internship Program, providing out of school time education to support career development for African American Youth residing east of the Anacostia River. The interns talents and desire to learn varying areas of the production arts has been essential in shaping the program curriculum and activities.

2021 Summit Schedule
Each session will last approximately 60 minutes

Tuesday, August 3, 2021 –

9:00 am  Lobby Opens
Trans/2S/Nonbinary Space Affinity Space (through 10:00 am)

10:00 am  Keynote: Dane Figueroa Edidi

11:30 am  A Conversation on Agency: Self Producing
Panelists: Rachel Hynes, Scot Reese, Britt Willis, Anastasia Wilson, Monte J. Wolfe
Quiet Spaces Open

1:00 pm  A Conversation on Agency: Auditioning for Any Role
Panelists: Regina Aquino, Jade Jones, Ezra Tozian

2:30 pm Reimagining Theatre Spaces: Independent Practitioners
Panelists: Estrellita Edwell, Deb Sivigny, Jjana Valentiner

4:00 pm How to Create Better Rehearsal Rooms
Panelists: Temidayo Amay, Keta Newborn, Natsu Onoda Power, Lauren Pekel

5:30 pm Community Organizing as a Mechanism for Change
Panelists: Dylan Arredondo, JR Nexus Russ, Jefferson A. Russell, Elena Velasco

7:30 pm Lobby and Quiet Spaces Close

Wednesday, August 4, 2021

9:00 am Lobby Opens
Trans/2S/Nonbinary Space Affinity Space (through 10:30 am)

10:00 am  Conversation on Agency: The Power of No
Panelists: Jon Jon Johnson, Wendy Nogales, Tuyet Pham
Quiet Spaces Open

12:00 pm LGBTQIA+ Affinity Space (through 2:00 pm)

1:00 pm  Work Life Balance
Panelists: Stan Kang, Ricky Ramon, Joseph Ritsch
Trans/2S/Nonbinary Space Affinity Space (through 4:00 pm)

2:30 pm Parenting
Panelists: Tony K. Nam, Lacey Talero, Jacob Yeh

4:00 pm Reimagining Theatre Spaces: Institutions
Panelists: Jasmine Jiang, Christopher Richardson, Xemi Tapepechul, Stephanie Ybarra

5:30 pm Keynote: Raymond O. Caldwell
Quiet Spaces Close

7:30 pm Lobby Closes

Tickets & Pricing
Tickets are offered at $20, $10, and free and participants are encouraged to pay what they are able. All tickets are inclusive of panels, sessions, speakers, mentoring, affinity spaces, quiet spaces, and all Summit activities over the two days. All theatre-makers and students in the DMV are welcome and encouraged to attend regardless of ability to pay.

A group discount of 20% off is available for 5 or more registrations – attendees must register together and use promo code GROUP at checkout. 

To register as an organization with multiple attendees, please use this form. If you are registering more than 5 attendees, please use discount code GROUP for 20% off.


Keynote Speaker Bios
Dane Figueroa Edidi
Considered one of the most prolific artists of our time, Dane is the first Black trans woman to be nominated for a Helen Hayes Award (2016), and in DC to publish a work of Fiction (Yemaya’s Daughters (2013).  She is the curator and a co-producer of Long Wharf Theater’s Black Trans Women At The Center: An Evening of Short Plays. A performance artist. A Helen Hayes Award winning Playwright (Klytmnestra: An Epic Slam Poem (2020)), Author, Advocate, Dramaturg, and a 2x Helen Hayes Award Nominated choreographer (2016, 2018). She is the co-editor/Co-director of The Black Trans Prayer Book. She can currently be heard as the Narrator for The Visions of Us, A Netflix documentary about LGBTQ Latine represenatition in film and television.

Raymond O. Caldwell
Raymond is an award-winning director and producer who has been leading Washington, DC’s Theater Alliance as Producing Artistic Director since 2018. He has directed for Round House, Imagination Stage, Mosaic Theater, The Kennedy Center, National Players/OTC, Solas Nua, CulturalDC, and the Hegira. Prior to leading Theater Alliance, he was a faculty member and resident director in Howard University’s Department of Theatre Arts for six years, and spent six seasons as the Community Engagement Partnership Manager at Arena Stage. He is committed to using theatre as a tool to transform communities, and has worked with a number of nonprofits and NGOs throughout the world. In July 2019—in partnership with the US Department of State and NGOs based in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Nepal—he developed theatre with artists and activists to promote peace and counter violent extremism. He has done similar work throughout the US, India, Ukraine, and Croatia. MFA, Acting/New Play Development: The Ohio State University; BFA, Acting: University of Florida.

2021 Theatre Summit Committee

Regina Aquina, Co-Chair
Farah Lawal Harris, Co-Chair

Tẹmídayọ Amay
Raymond O. Caldwell
Jeannette Christensen
Shannon Dorsey
Maboud Ebrahimzadeh
Dane Figueroa Edidi
Jordana Hernandez
Benairen Kane
Keta Newborn
Scot Reese
JR “Nexus” Russ
Jefferson Russell
Ezra Tozian
Hope Villanueva
Petrona Xemi Tapepechui
Justin Weaks
Britt Willis

2020 Theatre Summit Co-Chairs Farah Lawal Harris and Jojo Ruf

2020 Theatre Summit Co-Chairs Farah Lawal Harris and Jojo Ruf

Lauren E. Turner, No Dream Deferred NOLA, Keynote Speaker, 2020 Summit

Lauren E. Turner, No Dream Deferred NOLA, Keynote Speaker, 2020 Summit

Bathsheba Smithen, Cage Free Voices, 2019 Summit

Bathsheba Smithen, Cage Free Voices, 2019 Summit

The annual Theatre Summit is an opportunity for theatre makers in the Washington, D.C. region to convene, discuss, and collaborate. Held for the past four years with theatre creative and administrative leadership from 65 theatre organizations, the day-long conference is intended to create space to collectively build, grow, collaborate, and align resources. And as a time to discuss actionable ways for Washington-area theaters to prioritize equity, diversity, and inclusion as a community.