Enzo Leone


Enzo Leone is an actor and fight choreographer based in the Washington DC/Baltimore Area. He is currently attending the University of Maryland Baltimore County (class 2025) and has had the privilege of performing in shows such as "Small Mouth Sounds" and "The Grown-Up" directed by Joseph Ritsch as well as "shOUT the Queer Theater Project" and "Stupid Fucking Bid" (premiering fall 2024 )directed by Gerrad Taylor. Enzo is also a certified actor combatant through the Society of American Fight Directors holding certifications in Unarmed combat, Single Sword, and Quarterstaff. Enzo believes there is such an enriching and beautiful feeling to portraying a story, So whether it be stage violence or a scene, he cares about the quality of the work he creates. He wants the audience to see that he put everything he had into work and for that work to not only be good but truly be great.