Earth: A Reading and Talkback

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April 17, 7 PM

1742 Church St NW
Washington, DC 20036
United States

Mina and River travel to Mt. Desert Island, Maine, where they are producing the third season of Clime. Akari is a master gardener and the director of gardens on a grand estate on Mt. Desert Island in coastal Maine. The estate’s board has voted to replace the long-time caretaker with a younger, more climate-focused director, who has plans to strip and recreate the formal European and Japanese gardens with wild, native habitats, using a more climate resilient approach. This leaves Akari grasping for meaning as her world-renowned and award-winning life’s work fades away. While there, Tuca visits River and shares that she is very sick, and that she and Udo are selling the farm to the land trust. River leaves Clime to return home to Sangre de Cristo with Tuca.