A 3-hr professional wrestling workshop where stage combat students will train with the Worldwide Dojo Founder and Ring of Honor Wrestler, World Famous CB in the art form of professional wrestling. Participants will gain insight and instruction in the various performance skills and techniques including body control, footwork, ring awareness, wrestling slams/throws/lifts, hold/submissions, pinning combinations, transitions, storytelling, match structure, and/or industry insight.

Flying V works create a space where traditional professional wrestling marries theatrical presentation to create physical storytelling like no other.

Flying V has always embraced professional wrestling as another opportunity for physical storytelling - having branched into the medium two years ago as a natural offshoot of the company's stage combat focus and work. The larger-than-life character development, and the use of physical improvisation to create dramatic narrative arcs on a stage surrounded by traditional and non-traditional theatrical lights/sound...you can't tell us its not theatre.

Friday, November 5, 2021 6:30pm

Event Link: https://flyingv.thundertix.com/events/191392