Resting at the intersection of swarovski capes, sparkly spandex and erotic fanfiction, Nerdlesque is an artform unlike any other. Award winning cosplayer, burlesque performer, and sexy nerd Maki Roll will teach you how to elevate your pop culture performance art, and undress your favorite nerdy characters (and concepts). Maki breaks down the foundation of a strong Nerdlesque act for all audiences, through costuming, choreography, character work, and good ole classic Burlesque.

CLASS PROVISIONS: This class is for all levels, bodies, and gender identities. While there is some movement, this class is primarily discussion based. Attendees are encouraged to dress comfortably, and bring something for notes. Have a Nerdlesque act you’re working on? Bring a prop, or a piece to share with the class!

Wednesday, October 27, 2021 6:30pm

MAKI’S BIO: Maki Mongold aka Maki Roll, is an award winning performance artist, event coordinator and pop culture entrepreneur. The Washington DC native started her creative journey in 2010 as a cosplayer and nerdlesque performer, and soon branched out to guesting, hosting and curating programming for conventions and nerdy events. Maki combines her geekiness, sex appeal and self taught artistic skill to build innovative performance and visual art experiences across mediums. She has been featured by NPR, MTV, ESPN’s The Undefeated, and The Mary Sue.

She is the current Executive Producer and Owner of the historic International Nerdlesque Festival @nerdlesquefest, and is live every Tuesday 7:30 PM EST on Twitch for her variety segment “Tuesday Tingz” (

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