Hone your skills outside of the pressures of the rehearsal room, work with Signature’s acclaimed staff and award-winning affiliated theater artists, prepare for your college audition, and find connections with other young actors.

The Signature Conservatory’s curriculum is tailored toward the needs of the students participating in the program. Students can expect a healthy and challenging mix of exercises introducing them to a wide variety of acting techniques. Students can also expect college audition preparation, monologues, scripted and improvised scene work. As each semester progresses, the collective group will grow together in all aspects of acting, becoming a true ensemble in the process. Participation also includes access to all of Signature Theatre’s professional productions, and students are expected to see all productions during their semester.

Each semester’s course work is custom made to meet the needs of the students enrolled. Lessons are inspired by requests from students and from observations from the instructors. No two semesters are the same!

Event Link: https://www.sigtheatre.org/learn-and-engage/signature-conservatory/