Heralded as ""The Female Sherlock Holmes"", Loveday Brooke is the original Lady Detective. In the case of the Drawn Daggers, Loveday is faced with one of the most intriguing puzzles of her career. Reverend Hawke is the victim of a dastardly scheme. He has received an anonymous communication in the mail: a drawing of a single dagger. Fearful that the dagger means death, Mr. Hawke hires Loveday Brooke to solve the case.

Presented as an audio drama, our mystery will be accompanied by a mail-out experience that puts you on the case with the famous detective. Examine the clues, read the dossiers, and step into the world of Loveday Brooke, Lady Detective.

Event Link: https://www.wehappyfewdc.com/lovedaybrooke