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What is Theatre Work? 

Theatre Work is a community-based platform for local talent – performers, directors, designers, stage managers, educators, administrators, technicians, and other creatives – who are interested in and available for work in the Washington, DC-area.

This is a resource designed to forge new connections and collaborations. Theatre Work empowers local theater-makers by creating a centralized space to promote their skills and talent. The user-generated database allows individuals to upload resumes, headshots, bios, production photos, and other materials to showcase their experience – and it also links their work back to Theatre Washington's robust production history. The platform offers an easy way to search, filter, and learn about Washington, DC-area creatives via these online profiles.

Beyond facilitating new relationships, Theatre Work aims to be an ever-evolving documentation of the expansive range and virtuosity of our community. The database is a work-in-progress. If you have questions, please contact us.

How to Sign Up

Ready to connect with other DC-area creatives and employers? Read the FAQ and then create your profile below!

*Note - To complete your profile, you will need: a PDF of your resume/CV (optional), an image file (.jpg or .png) of your headshot (optional), a current bio or description of yourself/your work.

Create your profile today!

Create your profile today!

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm a multi-disciplinary artist. Can I select more than one position?
Yes! Feel free to select as many positions as you see fit. If you have a suggestion for additional positions beyond the listed options, please contact us.

Why is there no field for contact information?
Theatre Work doesn't collect direct contact information. If you'd like to make your email address or phone number easily available for employers, consider including that information in your uploaded resume or bio.

I can't find myself in the Theater-Maker database.
There are a few possible reasons for this:

  • Name Change: Have you recently changed your name, or have you performed under different names in the past? You are able to link to more than one record if you have multiple aliases.
  • Production Data: The available past production data doesn't include stage managers, dramaturgs, or other positions that weren’t eligible for Helen Hayes Award consideration. However, we are adding these credits to productions moving forward. 
  • Pre-2011 Productions: The current production history data dates back to 2011, so any affiliated productions before that time are not available.

If you still have issues locating yourself in the database, please contact us