Fostering a collaborative environment, where all voices are welcomed and heard, is central to Theatre Washington’s mission. Leadership is driven by our values – curiosity, empathy, and equity.

Amy Austin (she/her/hers)
President & CEO

Amy Austin has combined her passions of theatre, journalism, event production, and her favorite place, Washington, D.C. She is the Publisher Emeritus of Washington City Paper, an influential and award-winning local alternative news media company, known for long-form journalism about where we live and in-depth arts coverage. She is a member of the Leadership of Greater Washington, long-time board member of The Theatre Lab, serves on the board of Destination DC, and received the John Conyers Jr. Advocacy Award from the DC Jazz Festival. She enjoys creating connections across organizations and disciplines to make Washington, D.C. a better place.
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Board of Directors and Committees

A Note:
Theatre Washington is currently engaged in a process to evaluate its Board and committee structure and processes. The goals and expected outcomes are ultimately to be more efficient, accessible, transparent, and reflective of anti-racist and anti-oppressive practices.

Board of Directors

Abel Lopez, Chair

Amy Austin
Jeff Banks
Stacie Banks
Seth Berlin
Maggie Boland
John Hauge
Shayla Hines
Chris Jennings
Jason Loewith
H.B. MacArthur
Bonnie Nelson Schwartz
Glenn Pearson
Ryan Rilette
Jan Du Plain
Michael Singer
Todd Vassar
Mara Walker
Gerard Widdicombe

Advisory Committee

Jason Loewith, Chair

Beth Amann
Kate Bryer
Laura Connors Hull
Rick Hammerly
Farah Lawal Harris
Alex Levy
Jenny McConnell Frederick
Victor Murray Baatin
Joseph Ritsch
Rebecca Ende Lichtenberg
Jojo Ruf
Deb Sivigny

Adjudication Committee

Rebecca Ende Lichtenberg, Chair

Tẹmídayọ Amay
Maggie Boland
Laura Connors Hull
Dane Figueroa Edidi
Farah Lawal Harris
Jojo Ruf
Deb Sivigny

Emerging Theatre Committee

Kate Bryer
Laura Connors Hull
Gwen Grastorf
Rick Hammerly
Tuyet Pham
Otis Ramsey Zoe
Toni Rae Salmi

2021 Theatre Summit Committee

Regina Aquina, Co-Chair
Farah Lawal Harris, Co-Chair

Tẹmídayọ Amay
Raymond O. Caldwell
Jeannette Christensen
Shannon Dorsey
Maboud Ebrahimzadeh
Dane Figueroa Edidi
Jordana Hernandez
Benairen Kane
Keta Newborn
Scot Reese
JR “Nexus” Russ
Jefferson Russell
Ezra Tozian
Hope Villanueva
Petrona Xemi Tapepechui
Justin Weaks
Britt Willis

Helen Hayes Awards Judges

(as of January 2020)
Carolyn Agan
Sandra Atkinson
Simone Baskerville
Cate Brewer
Meylynda Burdette Wintrol
Jocelyn Callister
Katy Beth Cassell
Myra Cruz
Isaac Evans
Jacqueline Flores
Noa Gelb
Joe Graf
Ben Gunderson
Lauren Halvorsen
Allyson Harkey
Tyler Herman
Josiah Hernandez
Amy Horan
Christopher Janson
Michael Johnson
Mathew Kacergis
Colleen Kennedy
Chad Kinsman
Camilo Linares
Maureen McNeill
Ximora Mercado
Timothy Meztner
Manna-Symone Middlebrooks
Laura Miller
Daniel Mori
Pennie Odeja
Ricky Ramon
Reginald Richard
Lena Salins
Eric Swartz
James Telford
Angel Torres-Cabassa
Carlos Velazquez
Aria Velz
Raven Wilkes
Sarah Frances Williams