Why Theater Matters

Gossip by Rocco Landesman

Art is a universal. Anthropologists tell us that every society everywhere in the world, beginning with cave paintings 50,000 years ago, has had art. People have painted, danced, sung, told stories, crafted beautiful objects since the beginning of what we now know as civilization. There was music–mothers singing to their infants–before there was even speech. The... 

Towards the Audience of the Future by Hugo Medrano

There is something that makes art lasting throughout the centuries, some fundamental characteristics that, despite technological developments, allow the art to subsist. In theater, all you need is an actor and a spectator to make possible the intrinsic quality of the art of performing: the action. Today, at the beginning of the 21st century, we still hold the same... 

Not Everything There Is by Karey Faulkner

Having been in professional theatre for 46 years (since the time I was 10 years of age) and having been in the unique position of owning and serving as Producing Artistic Director of 5 professional theatre companies in the past 30+ years, I have a different perspective...

Living Alchemy by Deborah Randall

Theatre saved my life. It’s personal. I am a product of Prince George’s County.  Friendly High School class of ’84. I took Bud Stringers Drama Class Junior and Senior year.  Some of my punishments at home included being chased down a hall and locked in my room from the outside. I would be on assignment for Bud’s class

Because We Matter by Catherine Crum

Theater matters because it allows our group of Miriam’s Kitchen guests to be theatergoers, not just people who are experiencing homelessness. We have season tickets to Theater J, whose staff fully understands that we are art appreciators in our own right. Our group leaves bags in a locked storage room before each performance

Giving Voice by Howard Shalwitz

On February 9, 2013, at a fundraising gala for Young Playwrights Theatre,  Howard Shalwitz (Artistic Director of Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company) introduced Paula Vogel, the recipient of YPT’s inaugural Giving Voice Award. We were fortunate to be among the guests that evening and immediately realized Howard’s natural eloquence


7 Reasons Why Theatre Makes Our Lives Better by Howard Shalwitz

On September, 17, 2011, at Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company's fundraising "Dinner on Stage," Artistic Director Howard Shalwitz, in his signature eloquent style, delivered a treatise to the assembled guests about "Seven Reasons Why Theatre Makes Our Lives Better."  We were fortunate to be among those guests that evening and knew instantly that Howard's words should be the first installment of a feature we were planning for

Natural-Born Story-Tellers by Carolyn Griffin

Theatre matters because we are all natural-born story-tellers. Some of us prefer to tell stories, others prefer to hear stories—and the theatre’s stage is the perfect setting for stories—stories that entertain, stories that inspire and touch our hearts, stories that enlighten and encourage a renewed...

Reminder of What We've Forgotten by Molly Smith

Theater averts isolation. I believe there is a sense of coldness in the world, a lack of camaraderie and fellowship. And that with all our supercharged technology, there is a real need and desire for the heat…

Creative Capacity by Bonnie Fogel

Theatre Matters. Yes it does. To all of us. And for children it matters more than ever. According to an article in Newsweek from July 2010, creativity in elementary school aged children is declining dramatically. Theatre is among the things that can remedy that...

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